Homemade Pickles!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

My husband's uncle is famous in the family for many things (or is it 'infamous'?), one of which is his homemade pickles. He grows his own cucumbers and dill in his garden. I think the recipe comes from his dad (my husband's grand-father), but the story grows fuzzy from there on back...hmm, have to look into that further next time...

Anyway, it is the simplest recipe ever, and they are the most amazing pickles! He was kind enough to show me one afternoon while I was at their house borrowing their internet connection so I could send in some work files while I was on vacation.

I have been meaning to make some pickles ever since, and have bought cucumbers and dill SO many times, and then let them go to waste in the fridge without actually MAKING the pickles...But I finally broke down and just bit the bullet this weekend.

I used about 8 large cucumbers and filled 4 quart jars. I made them on Saturday afternoon - and as of Sunday night at 10:42pm, one jar is already empty and a second jar is now only half full...that's how good these things are!

[Before I can share the recipe with you, I need to track down some additional details from the master himself, who is returning home this weekend from vacation. So stay tuned - I hope to have the details for you soon!]