Flood Preparedenss

Sunday, May 15, 2011
This spring has brought some crazy weather, and with it, some crazy high chances for flooding here in Utah! But Utah is not alone...

My heart goes out to all those being affected by the rising Mississippi river, especially those who are losing homes or crops or livestock.

Closer to home here, we've got some flooding issues in several different parts of the state.

The Salt Lake County Public Works Department has put together a Flood Preparedness Manual, called a "Homeowners Guide for Emergency Flood Control," for use in preparing for flooding events. The Manual can be viewed online or downloaded for use. It presents some simple actions homeowners can take to prepare for and reduce the impact of flooding to homes and businesses. The pages contain instructions for using sandbags, timber and plywood to protect buildings and grounds.

You can also find many additional resources on the Salt Lake County Emergency Management - Flood Preparedness page. There are updated flood plain/runoff maps and lists of available local resources.