What I'm Buying - Costco 4/4

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I took a trip to Costco yesterday to get some wheat and some rice. While there, I also picked up a few other things for our food storage as well.

(3) 45lb bucket hard white wheat, 16.45
(1) 12ct Silk soymilk, 12.69 (this is the shelf-stable stuff, have to keep it in food storage for the dairy-allergic in our fam)
(2) 25lb turkey flour, 8.89 (good grief - this stuff was like $5.50 just a month or so ago)
(1) 50lb bag calrose rice, 24.45
(1) bag organic quinoa, 9.99
(3) 1qt Kirkland pure maple syrup, 12.59
(1) 16ct sandwich rolls, 2.19
(1) Frigo string cheese, 10.99
(1) 12ct S&W organic tomato paste, 5.99
(1) 24ct Danon Light & Fit yogurt, 7.49
(2) 48ct Stretch Island fruit leather, 10.65
(1) 2pk whole milk, 4.42
(1) 12ct S&W organic tomato sauce, 6.99
(1) pkg Tortilla Land uncooked tortillas, 6.99

Total: $225.02

Egads!!! Oh well, most of it was for food storage, so it's for a good cause and I guess that helps lessen the sting a little bit...but only a little...