Current Best Price on Wheat

Monday, April 4, 2011

The new cannery prices go into effect today. You may notice that prices on just about everything went up. It's inevitable I'm afraid. The soaring fuel prices and recent crop problems are pushing food prices significantly higher for everyone around the globe.

If you're in the market for wheat, and you live in Utah, you might want to check into the prices at your local Costco. My store today had 45lb buckets of hard white wheat from Lehi Roller Mills for $16.50 - that is cheapest price around right now! That price is cheaper than the cannery, and also currently cheaper than the Augason Farms buckets on sale at Macey's this week as part of the Case Lot sale.

My guess is that this price won't last long. This is stuff that was most likely ordered and purchased before the recent increases hit, so once the current stock is gone, the price will most likely go up. My location actually had well over 100 buckets - they had them stacked up in a huge wall at the entrance!