Additional items for the car kit

Sunday, December 5, 2010
I stopped by Ikea today to pick up some containers for my pantry, and I spotted a couple of items I thought would be great for my emergency car kit:

This is the IRMA fleece throw. It was all of $2.29 - that's it. It is 51 x 67 inches. Sure, it doesn't have fancy edges or frills or designs, but this is going to stay packed in a bag in the trunk/back of the car, so who needs those extra details?

I, unfortunately, have personally experienced the joys of being stuck in a blizzard, at night, on a country road, with my car in the ditch, and not having any emergency supplies with me, and it wasn't fun. [Side note: If you ever get stuck in the snow, and have to turn your car on in order to keep warm, make absolutely SURE that your exhaust pipe is fully vented to the surrounding air and not covered or blocked by snow or snow drifts. If it is, DO NOT TURN THE CAR ON.]

If you want to save a little more space, you can substitute a mylar emergency blanket or emergency sleeping bag. They are super small, super lightweight, and just as cheap. (I think I found some of the solar blankets in the camping section at Walmart for about $2.00. And I think Emergency Essentials had the mylar sleeping 'bags' for about $5.00.)

And this is the FIXA 17-piece tool kit. It was $7.99. It includes a hammer, pliers, wrench and a screwdriver with multiple bits. It comes with it's own case, but I think I'll just put the tools in my car kit bag without the case, to save some room.

Other items I will be looking to add to my kit: folding shovel, flares or reflective triangle, water, food, winter gloves, duct tape, tire flat repair spray...The list will probably grow or change some as I tweak it a bit. I have extra fuses in my glove compartment already and a full first-aid kit in the back of the car, so while those are technically part of my "kit", they don't have to be included in the bag with everything else.