Need Help from my Few (But Very Faithful) Readers...

Monday, July 12, 2010
I am going to be teaching a class on preparing 72-hour-kits on Wednesday evening, and I'm trying to get an idea of what kind of information people might find most useful. So, what kinds of things would be most useful for you to see/hear/have displayed/learn about in a class on 72-hour-kits?

Would you want to see examples of kits already put together?

Would you want specific lists of what to put into your kits?

Would you want some discussion on "why" to have a 72-hour kit, or would that just be wasting your time?

Would you want to get information on how to put together a kit yourself and then also have information on where to go to get pre-packaged kits in case you don't want to mess with putting one together yourself?

Honestly, what kinds of things would you want to have addressed in such a class, that would be most beneficial to you?

[I really want to make sure I'm addressing the right needs, otherwise I'll just be up there spouting off a bunch of hot air while I bore people to sleep...and that won't help anyone at all... ha ha ha!] So help me out - PLEASE!!!


Mindi said...

I would like lists of what to put in a 72 hour kit

Tersa said...

I'd like to know what to put in them...specifically things that will actually help you not starve! I know the point is to survive, but some of the kits seem so skimpy!