What I'm Buying - Smiths 7/27

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Ran to pick up a few things before the end of the Mega Event sale. I combined the sale price on the cream cheese with a Catalina offer for $5 back when you buy 5 Kraft products. Here's the transaction:

(5) Philadelphia cream cheese 8oz, on sale 1.49 (.99 after promo)
(5) Pepsi 2-liters, various kinds, on sale 1.25 (.75 after promo)
(1) 6pk bagels, on sale 2.00

I didn't use any coupons. And I got $5 off for the Mega Event (buy 10 participating items).

Total: $11.17 + $5 Catalina coupon good off next purchase

I then did a second transaction, identical to the first. And I used my $5 Catalina to pay.

Total: $6.17 + got $5 Catalina again

So, 10 2-liters, 10 cream cheese and 2 pkgs bagels for essentially $13. :)

Need Help from my Few (But Very Faithful) Readers...

Monday, July 12, 2010
I am going to be teaching a class on preparing 72-hour-kits on Wednesday evening, and I'm trying to get an idea of what kind of information people might find most useful. So, what kinds of things would be most useful for you to see/hear/have displayed/learn about in a class on 72-hour-kits?

Would you want to see examples of kits already put together?

Would you want specific lists of what to put into your kits?

Would you want some discussion on "why" to have a 72-hour kit, or would that just be wasting your time?

Would you want to get information on how to put together a kit yourself and then also have information on where to go to get pre-packaged kits in case you don't want to mess with putting one together yourself?

Honestly, what kinds of things would you want to have addressed in such a class, that would be most beneficial to you?

[I really want to make sure I'm addressing the right needs, otherwise I'll just be up there spouting off a bunch of hot air while I bore people to sleep...and that won't help anyone at all... ha ha ha!] So help me out - PLEASE!!!

What I'm Buying - Smith's 7/8

Friday, July 9, 2010
I waited until Thursday to hit Smith's this week so I could get some of their 3-day sale items. Here is what I picked up:

(6) Kroger apple juice, on sale .99
(1) Tide StainRelease (large), on sale 9.99 (3.99 after coupons) [not pictured]
(4) Oral-B Advantage toothbrushes, on sale 1.97 (FREE after coupon)
(1) Mountain Dairy milk, on sale 1.79 [not pictured]
(3) Smith's dozen large eggs, on sale .69
(4) Nesquick milks, on sale 1.00 (.50 ea after coupon)
(2) Kroger orange juice half-gallon, on sale .99
(1) CoverGirl mascara, on sale 5.87 (4.87 after coupon)
(1) CoverGirl eye shadow, 2.09 (FREE after coupon)
(4) Kroger frozen potatoes, on sale 1.19
(1) 10lb bag russet potatoes, on sale 1.99
(2) HomePride bread, on sale 1.67

I used (1) 3.00/1 coupon for the Tide [see P&G-7/4], (4) 2.00/1 coupons for the toothbrushes [see P&G-7/4], (2) 1.00/2 coupons for the milks [see SS-5/2], (1) 1.00/1 coupon for the mascara [see P&G-7/4] and (1) FREE eyeshadow which purchase of mascara coupon [see P&G-7/4]. Then there were two e-coupons that came off my order, from the P&G eSaver site, (1) 3.00/1 for the Tide and (1) .75/1 for the toothbrushes.

Total: $33.51

I wanted some of the cereal, but didn't have the right coupons with me for what they had stocked, and the coupons I did have with me were for Cinnamon Toast Crunch which had been wiped clean off the shelves by about 7:00am that morning. That's just what happens when you're in an area with fairly high coupon usage AND only one grocery store in town.

Anyone know of any grocery store owners who'd be interested in opening up shop in Herriman? We desperately need some competition out here! ;)

What I'm Buying - Fresh Market 7/8

I totally meant to post this yesterday, but then got sidetracked with a whole bunch of other things. At any rate, here are the results from my trip to Fresh Market this week:

(4) Hunt's snack pack puddings, on sale .79 (.54 ea after coupon)
(3) Don Julio tortilla chips, on sale .88
(6) Nesquick milks, on sale .99 (.49 ea after coupon)
(5) Western Family Steam-Its vegetables, on sale .89
(3) scented wax bricks, 2.99 (so NOT on sale, but they smelled really good!)
(1) bunch bananas, .58/lb
(10) roma tomatoes, on sale .79/lb
(1) head green leaf lettuce, 1.29

I used (1) 1.00/3 coupon for the puddings [see June AllYou magazine] and (3) 1.00/2 coupons for the milk [see SS-5/2].

I also used (2) $5 gift cards from a newspaper subscription deal.

Total: $17.17

There were several other items on my list to get, but they were either out or I ended up not having the right coupons.

Magnitude 5.4 Earthquake in SoCal

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Southern California was rattled by a 5.4-magnitude earthquake today...

Story at KSL

Do you know what to do in the event of an earthquake? Check here.

Flag Cake - The Results...

Monday, July 5, 2010
Ok, so I cannot take a decent picture, and I am not very talented at frosting cakes, but just in case you wanted to see how it all turned out...

And here's what it looks like when you cut it...

Mine's all messy inside because I didn't have enough time to let it freeze completely before putting it together and then slicing it. But hopefully you get the idea of what it's "supposed" to look like, right? ;)

The 30-day Challenge...Sort Of

Sunday, July 4, 2010
While we are waiting for our other home to sell, we are tightening the financial belt a little to ensure that we can make ends meet.

With all the craziness and stress of the move and then getting the old house ready to sell, we had to all but abondon our regular daily routines. There were SO many days (too many to count, and too many to admit to anyway) when before we knew it, it was 6pm, the kids were hungry, we were hungry, we were in the middle of something and there was no time to make dinner (or all the food was still packed and there was no food with which to make dinner, or all the food was still in the freezer at the old house and we hadn't gotten to the grocery store to buy fresh stuff, etc. - you get the idea) - and so we ended up with fast food. WAY too many times!

Tallying up the budget from last month, I just about croaked when I saw how much we had spent on fast food...As if that wasn't bad enough, you could really tell that the lack of nutrition was taking a toll on us. No one was feeling good, we were all tired and grouchy all the time, and my face was a continual breakout zone.

So, our goal for July is to make it 30 days without ANY fast food! (What's so sad is that with a year's worth of food storage we should be able to go a YEAR without fast food, but we will struggle just to make it through 30 days - that's how addicted we are to the "convenience".)

I am TERRIBLE when it comes to meal planning though, so the thought of having to make a meal every night for the rest of the month has me a little worried.

I need some help. What are your families' favorite dinners? I need LOTS of dinner ideas, PLEASE!!!