Hang in there...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Thank you all for being patient with my lack of posts recently. I promise there will be more food storage and emergency preparedness info coming soon. But right now I've just got to make it through this move...It's just a few more weeks, I promise. :)

Yet another earthquake...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
A 5.1 earthquake in souther California today:

KSL story

Honey, start the car...START THE CAR!!! What I'm Buying - Smith's 5/17

Monday, May 17, 2010
My friends, my compadres, my peeps...whatever you do, if you can squeeze in some time before Tuesday night this week, DO NOT MISS THE SMITH'S DOUBLE COUPON EVENT!!! I haven't done a shopping trip this awesome since the demise of Albertson's (may it rest in peace...)! This one was seriously just like the Ikea commercial, I kid you not - well, except for the fact that I was alone and didn't have my hubs there to man the get-away vehicle, but you get the idea, right?

From now until Tuesday night, Smith's is having a "double coupon" event - but the double coupon is a misnomer. In some ways it's actually BETTER than double coupon, because any manufacturer's coupon under $1 is credited as $1 - so for coupons under .50, it's more than double because a .25 coupon still gets credited as $1!

Here's what Smith's was so generously allowed me to buy for pennies on the dollar this morning:

(5) Bounty Basics paper towel single roll, 1.09 (.09 after coupon)
(4) Wacky Mac pasta, on sale 1.25 (.25 after coupon)
(1) French's Worcestershire sauce 15oz, on sale 1.59 (.59 after coupon)
(3) Dawn dish soap, 1.59 (.59 after coupon)
(1) GM Cheerios cereal, on sale 2.00 (1.00 after coupon)
(1) Suddenly Salad pasta, on sale 1.00 (FREE after coupon)
(2) Betty Crocker muffin mix, 2.09 (1.09 after coupon)
(5) Betty Crocker potatoes, on sale 1.00 (FREE after coupon)
(4) Satin Care shave gel, 2.36 (1.36 after P&G promo, .36 after coupon)
(2) Dial Complete foaming hand soap, on sale 1.50 (.50 after coupon)
(5) Pretzl Flipz, on sale 1.00 (FREE after coupon)
(5) Yoplait Greek yogurt cups, on sale 1.00 (FREE after coupon)
(5) SunnyD, on sale 1.29 (.29 after coupon)
(12) Yoplait Light yogurt cups, on sale .44 (.27 after coupon)
(10) Totino's party pizza, on sale .88 (.68 after coupon, .38 after Catalina)
(4) Kroger Deluxe ice cream, on sale .99
(2) Banquet BrownN'Serve sausage, 1.99 (.99 after coupon)
(1) Farmland sausage patties, 2.99 (1.99 after coupon - was SUPPOSED to be on sale for 1.75, didn't catch it at the register)
(2) Cheetos Mighty Zingers, on sale 1.67 (.67 after coupon)

I used:
(2) .40/6 coupons for reg yogurt [see SS-4/25]
(5) .25/1 coupons for the potatoes [see SS-3/28]
(5) .50/1 coupons for the Flipz [see SS-3/28]
(2) .50/1 coupons for the muffin mix [see SS-3/28]
(5) .25/1 coupons for the paper towels [see P&G-5/2 - item NOT part of P&G promo]
(2) 1.00/1 coupons for the Cheetos [see SS-5/9]
(3) .25/1 coupons for the Dawn [see P&G-5/2 - item NOT part of P&G promo]
(2) .35/1 coupons for the Dial [see RP-3/7]
(1) .50/1 coupon for the Worcestershire sauce [see SS-5/9]
(1) .40/1 printable coupon for the Suddenly Salad [see GroupA at GrocerySmarts.com - also ended up getting a .35 e-coupon from Shortcuts that I didn't know I had on my card, so this one ended up better than free]
(5) .25/1 coupons for the SunnyD [see SS-5/9]
(4) .50/1 coupons for the WackyMac [see SS-5/16]
(2) 1.00/5 coupons for the Totino's [see SS-3/28 or SS-4/18]
(4) .55/1 coupons for the shave gel [see P&G-5/2 - item IS part of P&G promo]
(1) .55/1 printable coupon for the Cheerios [see GroupA at GrocerySmarts.com]
(2) .35/1 coupons for the Banquet sausage [from inside previous boxes]
(1) .50/1 coupon for the Farmland sausage [peelie on package]

I then got $4 off for the 4 shave gels (P&G promo), and I got (1) $3 Catalina for the Totino's pizzas. I also got (2) $1 Catalina coupons as well, but I have no idea what they were from (I think they might have been from the Betty Crocker stuff).

Total: $31.81 + $5 in Catalina coupons good off next purchase

My receipt was seriously over 3 feet long, and it says I saved $89.28 - $52.35 of that was from the coupons and the coupon promo! I also ended up with 86 rewards points and 52 bonus points, for a total of 138. Had I really been with it, I would have used my double points coupon that came with my last rewards certificate, but I left it (and the $10 rewards certificate) at home - AGAIN...GRR! ;)

Double Coupons at Smiths!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010
Attention all couponers: Smith's Food & Drug will be doing DOUBLE COUPONS for a 3-day period beginning Sunday, May 16 and ending Tuesday, May 18.

There will be some amazing deals!

For details on coupon restrictions and a list of all of the amazing deals you might be able to get, check out THIS POST at PinchingYourPennies.com!

What I'm Buying - Sunflower Market 5/12

Thursday, May 13, 2010
Here's what I picked up at Sunflower Market on Wednesday:

(4) grapefruit, on sale .17 ea
(3) green leaf lettuce, on sale .88 ea
(2) cucumbers, on sale .50 ea
(1) bagged carrots, on sale .50
(1) organic baby carrots, on sale 1.50
(4) blackberries, on sale .88 ea
(1) Stonyfield Farm yogurt, on sale 2.50 (2.00 after coupon)

I used (1) .50/1 printable coupon for the yogurt [coupon link HERE].

Total: $12.20

What I'm Buying - Smiths 5/12

Here's what I picked up at Smith's on Wednesday:

(2) McCormick Grinders, on sale 1.50 (.50 after coupon)
(4) CapriSun drinks, on sale 1.99 (.99 after coupon)
(4) LandOLakes butter with olive oil, on sale 1.50 (.75 after coupon)
(2) Tropicana orange juice, on sale 2.38 (1.38 after coupon)
(1) Mountain Dairy whole milk, on sale 1.67
(4) A&W Rootbeer 12pk, on sale B3G1 Free (4 for $11)
(2) Silk PureAlmond milk, on sale 2.99 (1.74 after coupon)
(3) bunches bananas, on sale .39/lb
(2) Sunday Doubles newspaper packs, 3.00 ea ('cuz the delivery guy decided not to bother with delivering Saturday Previews to the stores on Sat last week)

[I didn't bring in all the rootbeer or CapriSuns because I'm lazy...so they're not all in the picture.]

I used (2) 1.00/1 coupons for the Grinders [see RP-4/25], (4) 1.00/1 coupons for the CapriSuns [see SS-4/25], (4) .75/1 coupons for the butter [see SS-4/11], (2) printable coupons for the Tropicana [from a Mother's Day promo, no longer available] and (2) 1.25/1 coupons for the almond milk [see SS-4/1]. I then used my $10 in Catalina coupons from the Lunchables last week.

Total: $23.63

More earthquakes in California...

Sunday, May 9, 2010
Story at KSL.com

What I'm Buying - Smith's 5/8

Saturday, May 8, 2010
I wanted to share a few unadvertised specials from Smith's with you. I found out about these by following the Smith's weekly thread at the PinchingYourPennies.com forums.

Tide Stain Release is part of the P&G promo this week (buy 4, get $4 off). At my Smith's location, they weren't even marked on the shelf as on sale, but someone had posted about seeing them on sale at another Smith's, so I tried it out and sure enough, they rang up at 5.99. There is a $3/1 coupon in the P&G-5/2, and combine that with the P&G $4 off promo, and you'll get 4 bottles for 1.99 each!

Oscar Mayer Lunchables lunch subs are on sale for 3/$5 (1.67 each). For each one that you buy, you'll get a Catalina coupon good for $1 off your next shopping trip. That makes them .67 each - no coupons needed! Even better, I found lots that were clearanced to .79 because they expire on Sunday, and they still spit out the Catalinas - hooray! [I don't know how long the Catalina promo is good for though...I'll try to find out and then update this post.]

Here's what I picked up:

(4) Tide Stain Release 36oz, on sale 5.99 (2.99 after coupon, 1.99 after P&G promo)
(8) Lunchables lunch subs, clearanced to .79 (free + overage after Catalina)
(2) Lunchables lunch subs, on sale 1.69 (.69 after Catalina)
(4) Gobstoppers candy, on sale 1.00
(2) Tootsie Roll Minis candy, on sale 1.49
(1) 8pk 100Grand minis, on sale 1.00

(The candy was to placate the 3 other people in the car who had to wait while I ran into the store to get these deals...)

I used (4) $3/1 coupons for the Tide Stain Release [see P&G-5/2], and then got $4 off for the P&G promo.

Total: $27.50 + got $10 in Catalina coupons good off next shopping trip

What I'm Buying - Smith's 5/5

Wednesday, May 5, 2010
There is a P&G promo this week at Smith's with some good deals to be had. (There is a great price on the Tide laundry detergent, so if you're a fan of Tide, now is a great week to stock up!) Also, they have a Catalina promo going on that matches up with the Kellogg's cereal that is on sale (details HERE).

Here's what I picked up at Smith's this morning:

Transaction 1
(2) Kellogg's Raisin Bran cereal, on sale 1.97
(1) Kellogg's Rice Krispies cereal, on sale 1.97
(1) Kellogg's Frosted Flakes cereal, on sale 1.97

I used (1) 1.00/2 printable coupon for any 2 Kellogg's cereal [see GroupA at GrocerySmarts] and (1) 1.00/2 coupon for the Raisin Bran [see RP-4/11].

Total: $6.12 + I got $3 Catalina coupon good off next purchase

Transaction 2
(2) KoolAid drink mix, on sale .10
(4) Kroger 2lb loaf Monterey Jack cheese, clearanced to 2.00
(2) Olay 6ct bath bars, on sale 5.49 (4.49 after promo, 3.49 after coupon)
(2) dozen eggs, on sale .99
(1) Kroger sour cream, on sale 1.00
(1) gallon Mountain Dairy whole milk, on sale 1.67
(1) CG LashBlast mascara, on sale 6.29 (5.29 after promo, 3.79 after coupon)
(1) CG LashLength mascara, on sale 6.44 (5.44 after promo, 3.94 after coupon)
(1) Silk PureAlmond milk, 2.99 (1.99 after coupon)
(1) Silk Soy milk, on sale 2.50
(1) loaf french bread, on sale 1.00

I got $4 off for the P&G promo, and then used the $3 Catalina coupon I got from the cereals. I also used (1) 1.00/1 coupon for the Silk [see SS-2/21], (1) 2.50/2 coupon for the CoverGirl [see P&G-5/2] and (2) 1.00/1 coupons for the Olay soap [see P&G-5/2].

Total: $34.33

Peru's Turn

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake shook Peru this evening...

Story at KSL.com

Car Emergency Kit

Here's an article from Bankrate.com about what you should keep in a car emergency kit:

Link to Article

What I'm Buying - Winco 5/4

Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Winco is opening two new locations in Utah - Orem and Ogden - and in honor of that, they are having Grand Opening specials at all locations! Here's what I picked up this morning:

(2) Post Honey Bunches of Oats, on sale .98 (with in-ad store coupon, limit 2)
(2) lbs gala apples, .98/lb
(2) HyTop white sandwich bread, on sale .75
(2) lbs red delicious apples, .78/lb
(2) Fritos chips, on sale .98 (with in-ad store coupon, limit 2)
(4) Green Giant green beans, on sale .28 (with in-ad store coupon, limit 4)
(3) lbs bananas, on sale .49/lb
(1) 10lb bag russet potatoes, on sale .68
(1) Hytop hot dog buns, on sale .78
(1) Cottonelle bath tissue, 12 double rolls, on sale 2.98 (with in-ad store coupon, limit 1)
(2) Capri Sun drinks 10ct, on sale .98 (with in-ad store coupon, limit 2)
(1) 1/2 flat (4 lbs) strawberries, on sale 2.98

I didn't use any coupons except those in the Winco flyer (noted above).

Total: $21.09

Make Your Own Oral Rehydration Solution

Monday, May 3, 2010
This is very similar to the recipe that the Church uses in their welfare and self-reliance materials.

pinch of salt
handful of sugar
half-liter of water

Story at KSL.com

Definitely cheaper than Gatorade or Pedialyte... And takes up a lot less space, since you're most likely already storing salt, sugar and water in your food storage! :)