What I'm Buying - Albertsons 6/30

Tuesday, June 30, 2009
You'll never guess where I went today... :)

I took my grandmother to the store so she could pick up some groceries, and I figured, since I'm already here I would hate to waste all those precious doubles coupons...

And so, here's what I picked up at Albertsons today:

Transaction #1:

(3) Kellogg's PopTarts (the size on sale are the 8ct, but these were bonus packs with 12 for the same price - on sale 1.99, 1.49 after promo, .39 after coupon and doubler)
(8) Kraft Easy Mac cups, on sale 1.00 (.50 after promo)

I used (3) .55/1 coupons for the poptarts and (3) doubles coupons.

Total: $5.89

AND - each box of PopTarts has a coupon on the back for 1.00 off the purchase of Blueberry Muffin PopTarts!

Transaction #2:

(1) Chinet plastic cups 18ct, on sale 2.29 (.29 after coupon and doubler)
(1) Chinet plastic cups 25ct, on sale 2.29 (.29 after coupon and doubler)
(4) Ronzoni Bisto meals, on sale B1G1 for 2.69 (.69 cents for 2 after coupon and doubler)
(1) Synder flavored pretzel pieces, on sale 2.00 (free after coupon and doubler)

I used (2) 1.00/1 coupons for the cups, (3) 1.00/1 coupons for the Ronzoni, (1) 1.00/1 coupon for the pretzels and (5) doubles coupons. [See the end of my Albertsons post yesterday for info on using 5 doubles coupons in one transaction.]

Total: $1.34

Transaction #3:

(3) Huggies baby wipes 72ct, on sale 2.50 each (1.00 after coupon and doubler)
(2) Wild Harvest organic tortilla chips, on sale 2.00 (free after coupon and doubler)
(5) 7up/A&W 12pks soda, on sale 2.60 each when you buy 5 (5 for $13) [not pictured]

I used (3) .75/1 coupons for the wipes, (2) 1.00/1 printable coupons for the chips, and (5) doubles coupons.

Total: $16.89

Ever wonder...

Monday, June 29, 2009
...why bottled water has an "expiration date"? Here's a LINK to an article on Mental Floss's blog site about just that - enjoy! :)

What I'm Buying - Albertsons 6/29

Here's what I picked up at Albertsons this morning, with my doubles coupons:

Transaction #1:

(7) Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, on sale 1.99 (1.49 after promo, free after coupon)
(3) Reynold's Aluminum foil 75ft, on sale 3.49 (2.99 after promo, .99 after coupon and doubles)

I used (7) 1.50/1 coupons for the cereal, and (3) 1.00/1 coupons for the aluminum foil, plus (3) doubles coupons.

Total: $3.80

Transaction #2:

(1) Pringles SuperStack, 1.89 (free after coupon and doubles)
(2) Crest toothpaste 6.4oz, on sale 2.19 (.19 after coupon and doubles) [one not pictured because I gave it to my grandmother along with some cereal]

I used (1) 1.00/1 coupon for the Pringles and (2) 1.00/1 coupons for the toothpaste, along with (3) doubles coupons. All of the coupons from this transaction were from a Proctor & Gamble coupon book promo from January.

Total: $.74

Transaction #3:

(4) Kellogg's Frosted Flakes cereal, on sale 1.99 (free after coupon)
(3) Dannon Activia 4pk yogurts, on sale 1.99 (1.49 after promo, .49 after coupon)
(3) Reynold's aluminum foil 75ft, on sale 3.49 (2.99 after promo, .99 after coupon and doubles)

I used (4) 1.50/1 coupons on the cereal, (3) 1.00/1 coupons on the yogurt, (3) 1.00/1 coupons on the aluminum foil and (3) doubles coupons. I also used a $2 coupon that I got from taking a customer satisfaction survey (check the bottoms of your receipts for this offer).

Total: $4.24

Transaction #4:

(1) Chinet sectioned paper plates 15ct, on sale 2.50 (.50 after coupon and doubles)
(1) Chinet dinner paper plates 15ct, on sale 2.50 (.50 after coupon and doubles)
(1) Chinet lunch plates 36ct, on sale 2.50 (.50 after coupon and doubles)

I used (3) 1.00/1 coupons and (3) doubles coupons.

Total: $2.01

Transaction #5:

(3) Chinet lunch paper plates 36ct, on sale 2.50 (.50 after coupon)
(1) Chinet sectioned dinner plates 15ct, on sale 2.50 (.50 after coupon and doubles)
(1) Nestle Pure Life water 24pk, on sale 3.50 (1.50 after coupon and doubles)
(1) gallon whole milk, on sale 1.99 (.74 after coupon and doubles)
(3) Luncheables, on sale 1.00 each

I used (3) 2.00/1 coupons on the lunch plates, (1) 1.00/1 coupon for the dinner plates, (1) 1.00/1 printable coupon for the water, (1) .75/1 printable coupon for the milk and (3) doubles coupons.

Total: $7.85

Remember, when using doubles coupons, you can only do one transaction, then you must go out to your car and come back in to use another set. The manager said this morning that if you have the two doubles coupons from last Wednesday's ad, you may combine them with the three doubles from Sunday's paper and use ALL 5 in one transaction. If you don't have the coupons from Wednesday, then you may only use 3 doubles per transaction.

I felt like I got some great deals today, but I was definitely ready to sell my two kids (for cheap) by the time we were done! ;)

What I'm Buying - Walgreens 6/29

Here's what I picked up at Walgreens today:

(2) Maalox 90ct tablets, on sale 4.99
(2) Dawn dish soap 10.3oz, in-ad coupon .99 each
(6) pkgs Twizzlers, on sale 1.50 each
(4) cans Lindsay olives, in-ad coupon .99 each
(3) KitKat bars, 3/$2 [these were filler items - more on that below]

I used (1) 3.00/2 coupon for the Maalox, (2) .50/1 coupons for the soap, (2) 1.00/3 coupons for the Twizzlers, (2) 1.00/2 printable coupons for the olives, and $7 in RegisterReward coupons from last week's purchases.

Total: $13.19 + $5 RegisterReward coupon good on next shopping trip

Walgreens has a computer system that limits the number of coupons used - it will not accept more coupons than the number of items you have. (RegisterRewards are counted as coupons.) Because I had both in-ad (store) coupons and manufacturer coupons for some of the items (using 2 coupons for 1 item), I ended up with more coupons than items, so I had to pick up some inexpensive "filler" items in order for the register to accept all of my coupons.

Here's a LINK to a post on PinchingYourPennies with more details for the Walgreens deals.

Let's talk shopping lists...

Saturday, June 27, 2009
Preparing for my shopping trips is a multi-step process. I found early on that coupons could be very stressful if I wasn't well organized. There's just a lot going on with trying to match coupons to products, make sure you have the right number of items for a promo, check prices, watch the register, make sure all the coupons get scanned in right, make sure the total is about what you expected, and then keep two kids quiet and relatively docile.

I've found that the better prepared I am before I go to the store, the smoother (and faster) the trip goes. So, here's what I do to prepare:

1) The "preview" lists for most of the stores are available beginning on Monday afternoon at PinchingYourPennies.com. On Monday evenings, I will sit down and go through the preview lists for the stores I'm interested in. The first time I go through the list, I don't usually write anything down. I'm just checking to get a feel for about how much I'm going to want to spend at that store, which then lets me know how much I'm going to have for spending at other stores.

2) After I've looked through the lists for a preliminary scan, I then go back to the first list and get ready to write things down. This time through the list, I write down all of the items I'm interested in or that I need to purchase. I just hand-write the list, but when I tried to get a picture of it to show you, none of the text came out very good, so I've re-created it electronically so you can read it better (just know that the real list I use is just jotted down on a piece of notebook paper). Here's what it looks like:

At the top is the store name and the date the sale starts.

In the first column is where I put how many of that item I want to buy. [I leave this blank until the very end.]

The second column is where I mark what type of coupon to use (IP for internet printable, MQ for manufacturer coupon, IA for in-ad coupon, or --- for no coupon).

The third column is the item name. I also jot down the size that's included in the sale, because if I go early on Wednesday morning, they don't always have all the sale tags on the shelves, so this helps me identify exactly which size is the one I'm looking for.

The fourth column is where I write down prices. I put the "sale" price, then the "with promo" price (if there is one), then the final "with coupon" price. For example, this week Albertsons has the Epic Savings event, which is basically .50 off each of 10 items. So those items will have three prices in the "Price" column - like the Activia yogurt that has "1.99/1.49/.49". It's on sale for 1.99, then when purchased as part of the promo, it is 1.49. With a 1.00/1 coupon, the final price becomes .49.

The fifth column is where I put the value of the items that will count towards promotions (those "Buy $25 get $10 off your next shopping trip" promos). For example, last week's promo at Albertsons was the ConAgra event. You got a $10 Catalina coupon when you bought $25 worth of participating products. I bought 2 bottles of ketchup. In the price column, I listed "1.00/.50" because I had a 1.00/2 coupon. But the full $2.00 counted towards reaching my $25 total, so I put $2.00 in the "Promo" column. I did that with all of the items for that promo, and that gave me an easy way to calculate whether I had $25 worth of products on my list or not. [This column can't be filled out until the first column is finished.]

The last column is where I put coupon location info.

3) Once I've written down all of the stuff for my list, I go back and deal with amounts and totals. This sometimes involved looking up how many coupons I have available to use. This is the part that involves all the math, making sure I stay in my budget for that store, and also that I meet any and all promo criteria. Sometimes I do this Monday night, sometimes I wait until Tuesday (depending on how late it is and how much time I have.)

4) The night before I plan to go shopping, I pull out my list and clip out or gather all of the coupons I will need for the next day. I stick them in my small coupon file under the corresponding store. After I've done that for all stores, I fold up the list, stick it in the slot for the first store I will visit the next day, and stick the coupon file in my bag/purse so it's ready to go.

Then all I have to do when I get to the store is grab the items and amounts listed, and head to the checkout. The coupons are already ready to go, and I just pull them out and hand them to the cashier once they've finished scanning all the items.

This is just one method of many. Do what works for you. But remember, the more preparation you can do at home, the smoother the shopping trip will usually go, so try to have as much ready as possible before you head to the store.

I hope I haven't confused you too much with my attempt at explanations - if I have, just post your question in the comments section. I'm sure I've missed a few critical details here or there, so let me know.

Albertsons Doubles Coupons 6/28 to 6/30

There are three more Albertsons doubles coupons in a one-page Albertsons ad in the Sunday and Sunday Preview papers. Coupons will be good 6/28 to 6/30 only.

Counsel from Elder Perry

Friday, June 26, 2009
"Acquire and store a reserve of food and supplies that will sustain life. Obtain clothing and build a savings account on a sensible, well-planned basis that can serve well in times of emergency. As long as I can remember, we have been taught to prepare for the future and to obtain a year’s supply of necessities. I would guess that the years of plenty have almost universally caused us to set aside this counsel. I believe the time to disregard this counsel is over. With events in the world today, it must be considered with all seriousness...

"...I know of no other way to prepare for these times of adjustment than to be certain that during times of employment, preparations are made for less prosperous times, should they occur. Start now to create a plan if you don’t already have one, or update your present plan. Watch for best buys that will fit into your year’s supply. We are not in a situation that requires panic buying, but we do need to be careful in purchasing and rotating the storage that we’re putting away. The instability in the world today makes it imperative that we take heed of the counsel and prepare for the future."

(Elder L. Tom Perry, "If Ye Are Prepared Ye Shall Not Fear", Ensign, November 1995)

Coupon Preview for 6/28

Here is a LINK to the coupon preview for this Sunday, from Taylortown Preview.

Let's talk coupon organization...

A few people have asked me for more details on how I organize coupons.

There are two basic methods:
  1. Clip all coupons and file/organize them individually (usually in large zippered binders with baseball card pages)
  2. Keep coupons in inserts, file inserts, and then clip coupons as needed
There are pros and cons to each method. The first method takes much more time, but allows you to have all of your coupons with you when you shop so they're available if you spot a good deal (clearance items, unadvertised specials, etc.) so you have the potential for more savings. The second method doesn't involve as much time clipping and organizing coupons, but it also means that all of your coupons are not with you when you are out shopping, so you may not be able to find as many impromptu deals.

I personally use the second method, simply because I don't have time to clip all of my coupons and keep them organized. There's no right or wrong method - it's just whatever works best for you.

I use a plastic crate and file folder dividers for organizing my inserts. I create a folder and tab for each week, and then when I get my papers, I just pull the inserts out and stick them in the corresponding folder. That's it.

Here's a closer look at the tabs:

I keep the plastic crate next to my kitchen table where I do my translation work, so I have a folder in the very front marked "Work" for my work-related papers (nothing coupon related).

I have a couple of extra folders in the back. Currently, one is for rebate forms, and the other is for pages of printable coupons that are waiting to be cut out.

For loose coupons that I get in the mail, print from the internet, or that I've cut out and for some reason not used, I have a small expandable coupon file.

Inside are twelve tabbed sections. I have them divided as follows:
  • Baby
  • Beverages/Condiments
  • Canned Goods
  • Dairy
  • Desserts/Snacks
  • Dry Goods/Cereals
  • Frozen Foods
  • Health/Beauty
  • Household
  • Meat/Produce
  • Medical
  • Paper Products

I sometimes take this with me to the store, but not always. I've found that Smiths has lots of good deals in the back on their clearance tables or carts, and I often have a coupon I can use for additional savings (often getting items for free). I've gotten free Pedialyte, free toothpaste, free deodorant, cheap dishwasher tabs, cheap spices, cheap Aveeno sunblock ($2 a bottle) and very cheap diapers this way.

I go through this file every week or two and pull out any expired coupons. I also pull out any coupons that will be expiring within the next 7 days and put them in a separate pile.

When I go to the store, this is what I usually take with me:

It's another small plastic coupon file, but this one doesn't expand (so it stays small for putting in my bag). It also has 12 tabbed sections. I have labeled each section with the name of a store I usually visit. After I prepare my shopping lists each week, I go through and clip out the particular coupons I will need for each store. Then I put the coupons in the appropriate section of the coupon file so that I'll have them ready when I get to the checkout. I also keep any store coupons (like the $5 and $10 Catalina coupons from Albertsons, or the RegisterRewards from Walgreens) or gift cards in here so that I'll remember to use them on my next visit to that particular store. I fold my shopping list and put it in the section of whichever store I'm going to that day, or if I'm planning on going to more than one, I will put it in whichever store will be my first stop. Then when I get done at that store, I move the list to the next store's section.

(I had a hard time keeping the file open with one hand and keeping the camera steady with the other, so the picture is a little blurry - I apologize.)

Here are the labels for the sections in this coupon file:
  • Albies [Albertsons]
  • Harmons
  • Maceys
  • Reams
  • Smiths
  • WalMart
  • RiteAid
  • Walgreens
  • Costco [they don't take manufacturer coupons, but they do put out their own coupons each month]
  • Target
  • Possibles [this is a section for putting coupon that I "may" be able to use, but won't be sure until I get to the store and check prices/sizes/etc. so I want to keep them separate from my "for sure" coupons]
  • Expiring [these are coupons that will expire in the next week and I keep them with me just in case I spot a deal and can use them]
I put my store receipts at the very back, behind all of the sections. That way I have them all in one place when I get home and can easily locate them when I do blog posts and for entering into my budgeting software.

There you have it - that's my "system". Feel free to incorporate any ideas you find useful, but don't feel like you have to follow this exact setup. Do what works best for you - everyone organizes differently, so find a system that fits your individual needs.

Week 14 Assignment - Rain Ponchos and Emergency Blankets

Your assignment this next week is to add the following to each family member's 72-hour kit:

- rain poncho
- emergency (solar) blanket

Also include (if possible) another (5) $1 bills in adult kits.

I found rain ponchos starting at .99 at Walmart in the camping section. The bigger vinyl ones were about $3. The emergency blankets were also back with the camping gear and were $2.88 each. The General Army Navy Surplus store had emergency blankets for $.99 up by the register.

FREE Kellogg's Frosted Flakes at Albertsons - 6/24 to 6/30

Thursday, June 25, 2009
This week Albertsons is having an "Epic Savings" promotion - buy any 10 participating items and save $5 instantly. One of the items included is Kellogg's Frosted Flakes (14oz size). They are on sale for 1.99. If you purchase them as part of the promo (as part of 10 participating items), you'll get the instant $5 savings, which is basically .50 off each item, making the cereal 1.49. There is a 1.50 off coupon in the RedPlum insert from June 7. Use it, and you've got FREE Frosted Flakes cereal!

Not a Frosted Flakes fan? Kellogg's Raisin Bran (13oz size) is also part of the promo, and there is a 1.00 off coupon in that same RedPlum insert, making the Raisin Bran only .49 a box!

FREE Bar-S Jumbo Franks at Maceys - 6/24 to 6/30

This week at Maceys, Bar-S Jumbo Franks (16oz, classic, meat, chicken or turky) are on sale for .48. That's a great price as it is, but it gets even better - if you pair that sale with the 1.00/2 (1.00 off 2) coupon from the May 10 RedPlum insert, you can get 2 packages of hotdogs for FREE!

Portable Crank Radio/Flashlight Combo

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Just in case you're interested, I happened to see the crank radio/flashlight combo (exactly like the one I pictured earlier that my sister gave me) at Harmons this week, for about 11.99 (if I remember the price correctly).

What I'm Buying - Albertsons 6/24

I know this may come as a shock, but I am completely shopped out this week! I'm going to need a few days now to recover from all this shopping. :)

Here's what I got at Albertsons this morning:

(5) Kellogg's Frosted Flakes cereal, on sale 1.99 (1.49 after promo, FREE after coupon)
(1) Planter's Big Nut bars, on sale 2.49 (1.99 after promo, .99 after coupon)
(10) Kraft Mac N Cheese cups, on sale 1.00 (.50 after promo, 2 were FREE after coupon, others were .25 after coupon)
(1) CapriSun Sunrise, on sale 2.00 (1.50 after promo, .50 after coupon)
(1) CapriSun Roarin' Waters, on sale 2.00 (1.50 after promo, .75 after coupon)
(3) Spray N Wash bleach alternative, on sale 3.99 (3.49 after promo, 1.99 after coupon)
(3) Simply Limeade, on sale 1.69 (1.19 after promo)
(4) Dannon yogurt 6oz, on sale .50 (.34 after coupon)
(6) Dannon Activia 4pk yogurt, on sale 1.99 (1.49 after promo, .49 after coupon)
(6) Oscar Mayer Luncheables, on sale 1.00
(1) head green leaf lettuce, on sale .99
(4) Eat Smart cut veggies, on sale 1.00
(1) Tropicana orange jucie, FREE (from previous promo)
(1) loaf French bread, FREE (from survey)

I used (5) 1.50/1 coupons for the cereal, (1) 1.00/1 coupon for the nut bars, (1) 1.00/2 coupon for the Mac N Cheese, (4) B1G1Free coupons for the Mac N Cheese, (1) 1.00/1 coupon for the CapriSun Sunrise, (1) .75/1 coupon for the Roarin Waters (from a product mailer), (3) 1.50/1 coupons for the Spray N Wash, (1) .75/4 coupon for the yogurt cups, (6) 1.00/1 coupons for the Dannon Activia yogurt, (1) free coupon for the orange juice, (1) free coupon for the French bread, and (2) doubles coupons (for 1.00 each). I also used my $10 Catalina coupon from last week's ConAgra promo and a $5 gift card from my cereal boxes a few weeks ago.

Total: $17.67

You just gotta love coupons... :)

What I'm Buying - Smiths 6/24

Here's what I got at Smiths today:

(2) Hefty trash bags, on sale 4.99 (4.69 after promo, 3.69 after coupon)
(1) Huggies Pull-Ups, on sale 8.99 (but rang up at 9.99, not sure why - 4.99 after coupon)
(1) Huggies Jumbo pack diapers, on sale 8.99 (6.49 after coupon)
(4) Gatorade 32 oz drinks, on sale .88 (.58 after promo)
(1) gallon whole milk, on sale 1.67 (not pictured, .94 after coupon)
(2) bunches green grapes, on sale .99/lb
(4) Breyers ice cream, on sale 2.29 (1.99 after promo, .99 after coupon)
(1) bunch bananas, .59/lb
(2) Kroger aluminum foil, clearanced to 1.29
(1) 10# bag potatoes, on sale 1.79

I used (2) 1.00/1 coupons for the trash bags, (1) 2.50/1 coupon for the diapers (from a product mailer), (1) 5.00/1 coupon for the pull-ups (also from a product mailer), (1) .75/1 coupon for any brand of milk, and (4) 1.00/1 coupons for the ice cream.

Total: $38.23

What I'm Buying - Maceys 6/23

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
I stopped at two stores today to pick up a few things. Here's what I picked up at Maceys:

(1) bunch bananas, .67/lb
(8) Smuckers ice cream toppings, on sale 1.50 (1.00 with coupon)
(3) Monster Snaps fireworks poppers, on sale .20 each
(3) A&W Rootbeer 12pks, on sale 2.99 (they had .50 peelie coupons attached, so were 2.49 each) - [not pictured]

I used (4) 1.00/2 coupons on the ice cream toppings, and then used (3) .50/1 peelie coupons that were on the root beer packages.

Total: $18.75

I didn't have the rootbeer on my list, but noticed the good price with the peelie coupons while I was looking at fireworks. It was a good enough deal for me that after I put the groceries in the car, we went back for more!

On the second transaction, I got:

(3) 12pks A&W Rootbeer (all with .50 peelie coupons)
(6) 2-liter bottles Barq's Rootbeer, on sale .79 each
(2) 2-liter bottles Sprite Zero, on sale .79 each

Total: $14.30

Plus, my kids sweet-talked the cashier into giving them each a balloon and 2 Smarties...the little rascals! :)

What I'm Buying - Harmons 6/23

Here's what I picked up at Harmons today:

(2) loaves Grandma Sycamore white bread, on sale 1.67
(6) packages Lyn Wilson tortillas, on sale .99

Total: $9.56

Great Stock-Up Items at Maceys 6/24 - 6/30

There are some great stock-up items at Maceys this week, and best of all, you don't need any coupons!

Broccoli or cauliflower, .78/lb
Cantaloupe, .28/lb
Cherries, 1.88/lb
Red or green leaf, or romaine lettuce, .89/head
Beef Petite Sirloin Steaks, Super Saver Pack $2.48/lb
Boneless Country Style Pork Ribs, super saver pack $1.18/lb
Shasta Soda Pop, 12 pk. cans $1.88
Judy's Jumbo Hamburger Buns, 8 pk., .88
Western Family Ketchup, 32 oz. upside down or 36 oz. regular, .88
Western Family Yellow Mustard, 24 oz., .88
Hawaii's Own Frozen Drinks, 12 oz., .97

And while you're there, you might want to check out this deal on sunscreen:

Western Family Sunscreen Spray, 2 pk. 12 oz. sport or continuous, SPF 30, $8.88

In-ad store coupon: Free Western Family 2 pk. Lip Balm and Beach Towel with purchase of Western Family 2 pk. 12 oz. Sunscreen Spray, limit 1 coupon per customer.

That means (2) 12oz sunscreen sprays, (2) lip balm, and (1) beach towel for $8.88!!

Sale starts Wednesday, June 24, and goes through Tuesday, June 30.

Albertsons Doubles Coupons 6/24 - 6/30

Monday, June 22, 2009
There will be two doubles coupons in this week's ad flyer from Albertsons.

I believe they will be valid all week (Wed through Tues), but you can only use 2 per transaction.

Here is a LINK to the Albertsons preview list for the upcoming week (from PinchingYourPennies.com). Click on the link in the very first post, near the top.

Here is a LINK to a post containing ideas on using your doubles coupons (also at PinchingYourPennies.com).

Items that will be free with doubles coupons include:
Ken's Salad Dressing
Ken's Salad Dressing Lite Accents
McCormick GrillMates Seasonings
Pillsbury Classic Brownie Mix
Zone Perfect Bars
CapriSun Sunrise
Kellogg's Raisin Bran Cereal

FREE Toothpaste at RiteAid 6/21 through 6/27

On sale this week, the 4.2oz size of the Crest Pro-Health Enamel Shield toothpaste, for $2.69. There is a Single Check Rebate for $2.69 you can submit for, making the toothpaste free! (Limit 1)

But, even better, you may be able to use the following coupon to save an additional .50, making this a money-maker!

Crest Paste or Liquid Gel, 4.2 oz. or larger .50/1 (7-31-09) P&G-6/7

What I'm Buying - Rite Aid 6/22

Here's what I picked up at RiteAid today:

(1) Renuzit Pearl Scents air freshener, on sale 2.49
(1) ACE bandage, on sale 3.99
(1) Crest Pro-Health Whitening toothpaste, 6oz, on sale 2.99
(1) pumice stone, 4.99 [not on sale but needed] :)

I used (1) .75/1 coupon for the Renuzit pearls, and (1) 1.00/1 coupon for the toothpaste (from a product mailer earlier this year).

Total: $13.70

Three of these items qualify for Single Check Rebates:
Renuzit Pearl Scents, 1.00 rebate
ACE bandage, 2.00 rebate
Crest toothpaste, 1.00 rebate

So factoring that back in, it was $9.70 for 4 items.

I messed up on the toothpaste - I was supposed to get the 4.2oz Crest Pro-Health Enamel Shield toothpaste, because it has a rebate of 2.69. Oh well. Win some, loss some. :) $1.00 still isn't too bad for premium toothpaste.

What I'm Buying - Walgreens 6/22

Here's what I got at Walgreens today:

(1) Palmolive dish soap, 10oz, on sale 1.39
(1) Aquafresh advanced toothpaste, 6oz, on sale 3.00
(1) SpeedStick ExtraDry, on sale 2.99
(1) Lady SpeedStick, on sale 2.99 [done in separate transaction]

I used (1) 1.00/1 coupon for the soap, and (1) 1.00/1 coupon for SpeedStick on the first transaction, then used another (1) 1.00/1 coupon for SpeedStick for the second deoderant. I split them up because each had a RegisterReward, and if I had done them in the same transaction, I would have only gotten one RegisterReward coupon instead of two. (All three coupons were from product mailers earlier this year.)

Total: $8.08 + $3 off coupon (from the toothpaste) + (2) $2 off coupons (from the deodorant), so factoring it all back in I paid $1.08 for 4 items (most of that was tax).

You might notice that I totally forgot to bring the Aquafresh toothpaste coupon with me that I mentioned in a previous post. Had I remembered, I would have actually MADE money by buying the toothpaste...Oh well, still can't complain about free!

Also, there were no posted limits on the Aquafresh toothpaste (at the Walgreens at 45th South and Redwood), but there weren't very many left. They weren't tagged on the shelf as on sale, but they are in the ad. And, there is a 1.00/1 printable coupon at SmartSource.com for the Aquafresh Advanced EnamelLock toothpaste (I don't know for sure if this variety is included in the sale, so you'll need to check at the store).

What I'm Buying - Albertsons 6/22

I made a run to Albertsons today. Here's what I got:

(4) Ronzoni SmartTaste pasta, on sale 1.25 each (.75 with coupon)
(2) Marie Calendar's Pasta al Dente meals, on sale 2.50
(4) Healthy Choice frozen dinner, on sale 2.00
(2) Healthy Choice frozen entree, on sale 2.00
(2) Hunt's ketchup 24oz, on sale 1.00
(8) Chef Boyardee canned pasta, on sale 1.00
(1) Orville Redenbacher popcorn 3ct, on sale 1.67

I used (2) 1.00/2 coupons for the Ronzoni pasta, (2) 1.00/1 coupons for the Pasta al Dente, (2) 1.00/2 coupons for the dinners, (2) 1.00/1 coupons for the entrees, (1) 1.00/2 coupon for the ketchup, (2) 1.00/4 coupons for the canned pasta, and (1) 1.00/1 coupon for the popcorn. All of the coupons except for the Ronzoni ones came from recent editions of AllYou magazines (available at Walmart).

I also used my $10 off Catalina coupon from last week.

Total: $12.68 + I got another $10 coupon good off next shopping order (from the ConAgra promo)

Total savings was $52.70 ($30.70 was Preferred Savings [store sales] and $22.00 was manufacturer coupons)

FREE Toothpaste at Walgreens 6/21 through 6/27

Sunday, June 21, 2009
Free Aquafresh toothpaste at Walgreens this week. (Actually, this one is a money-maker...)

Aquafresh Advanced Toothpaste, 5.6 or 6oz, is on sale for $3. You will get a Register Reward (Catalina coupon) for $3 off your next purchase when you purchase the toothpaste. Use the .75/1 Aquafresh Premium Toothpaste coupon from this Sunday's SmartSource insert (6/21). You'll pay $2.25 + tax for the toothpaste and then get a $3 coupon back!

I'm guessing that there will be a limit of 1 toothpaste per customer per ??? (could be "per day", "per trip", etc.) depending on the particular store location.

And while we're talking about starting fires...

Here's a LINK to a great article on how to build a fire.

And HERE is one at Tutorials.com.

Additional Fire-starting Options

As you work on including matches in your 72-hour kits for this week's assignment, you might also want to consider including a secondary method of fire-starting, as a backup. There are several options at sporting goods and outdoor stores.

I picked up a magnesium fire starter at REI a few weeks ago. I think it was about $8. I saw similar versions for similar prices at Cabelas.

Here's a LINK to an article on using a magnesium fire starter.

How to Make Your Own Waterproof Matches

Friday, June 19, 2009

Here's a LINK to instructions on how to make your own waterproof matches.

I have one of those scented wax melting pots, and I've just taken some strike-anywhere matches and dipped the heads in the melted wax and let them dry. You can also use a candle for the wax (the little votive or tea-light candles work really well) or you can paint the match heads with clear nail polish.

Coupon Preview 6/21

Here's a LINK to the coupon preview for this Sunday from Taylortown Preview.

Week 13 Assignment

Your assignment this week is to add the following items to your 72-hour kits:
  1. a whistle
  2. matches in a waterproof container (in one adult kit)
  3. (5) $1 bills (in adult kit)

The whistle is for signalling, if you get lost, need to find someone in your group, or need to summon for help. You can find several options in the camping gear section of your favorite store. Or the General Army Navy Surplus store on Redwood Road has some metal ones for .99 each. They also have a "combo" that is a waterproof match container with a whistle built in to one end, and a compass and signalling mirror built into the cap. They were on sale for .99 last week but were sold out. I believe they are about 2.99 regular price.

Walmart has the waterproof match containers for .99 in the camping gear section. You can also pick up waterproof matches, or make your own (dip match heads in melted wax and let dry).

Plan to keep same cash in small bills in each adult kit. There are many emergency scenarios in which financial systems may be down, or the power out, and bank accounts and credit cards will not be available for use. You want to have small bills because vendors may or may not be able to make change for larger bills, and you don't want to have to pay $10 for something like a loaf of bread simply because the store doesn't have change for a $10 bill. Keep your cash in a zip-top baggie or waterproof pouch.

Week 12 Assignment - Reminder

Thursday, June 18, 2009
Reminder - have you managed to get a radio for your 72-hour kit(s) yet?

What I'm Buying - 6/16

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Well, actually, I'm not...buying, that is.

My freezer is stuffed to the max, and I loaded up pretty good on the last ConAgra promo at Albertsons a few weeks ago. And my husband has threatened to boot me out of the house if I buy any more cereal for awhile (there's nowhere to put any more cereal boxes). So I'm going to take it easy this week. :)

There are a few things I'd like to pick up at Albertsons and Maceys, but I've heard that there will be more Albertsons doubles coupons coming in this weekend's paper. The items I want would each be .25 or less with the doubles coupons, so I'm going to wait and see if we do indeed get them.

Besides, I haven't had time to do any shopping today - I got strawberries yesterday at Sunflower Market (they are SOOOO good) and thought I'd make a "quick" batch of cooked strawberry jam this morning... ha ha ha...

I've never made the cooked stuff before. But I really wanted to make some that I could can and have on the shelf (instead of having it all freezer jam in the freezer).

Well, I ruined the first batch when I burned it as I was adding all the sugar...so then I had to call my mom to rescue me and bring more strawberries. (Thanks Mom!)

I think I got the second batch okay, and it seems like all of the lids have sealed, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Guess we'll find out for sure in a few hours...Boy, there's still a LOT I need to learn about canning...Is the jam supposed to still be a little runny in the jar until it is fully cooled?

Similac Coupon - Good at Target

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Here is a link to information on a coupon good for $2 off Similac formula at Target. You can combine this (a store coupon) with a manufacturer coupon (if you have one - check the SmartSource insert from May 10) for even greater savings.

The store coupon says there is a limit of one per transaction.

Ideas for Albertsons Doubles Coupons

Monday, June 15, 2009
For more ideas on using your Albertsons doubles coupons, see the great list posted by Michellyn at PinchingYourPennies.com HERE.

Remember, the doubles coupons are good only through Tuesday night this week.

What I'm Buying - Albertsons 6/15

I was finally feeling well enough to venture out to the big Albertsons sale. I was a little worried they might be out of everything I wanted, seeing as how it is a big sale and I was going on a Monday...

But the store was so well stocked - they weren't out of anything on my list. A billion kudos to Jeff (the store director) and his staff - they work so hard to make sure they have plenty of stock for all of the great sales!!!

Here's what I got:

Transaction #1:
(3) Trix cereal, on sale 2.00 each (1.67 with coupon)
(2) Best Foods mayonnaise, on sale 2.50 each (1.90 with coupon)
(5) Skippy peanut butter, on sale 2.00 each (1.60 with coupon)
(2) GoGurts, 8ct, on sale 2.50 each (2.00 with coupon)
(1) I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray, on sale 2.00 each (1.50 with coupon)

I had coupons for each item, and then used three doubles coupons.

Total: $20.05 + $10 Catalina coupon good off next shopping order

Transaction #2:
(13) Trix cereal, on sale 2.00 each (1.67 with coupon)

I used (3) 1.00/3 coupons and (1) 1.50/4 coupon, plus three doubles coupons and the $10 Catalina coupon from the previous transaction.

Total: $9.19 + $10 Catalina coupon good off next shopping order + $5 gift card from inside cereal box

Transaction #3:
(5) Coke product 6pk of 20oz bottles, on sale 3.00 each
(8) Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad mixes, on sale 1.25 each (1.00 with coupon)
(2) GoGurts, on sale 2.50 each (2.00 with coupon)

I used (4) .50/2 coupons for the pasta salad, (1) 1.00/2 coupon for the GoGurts, and then three doubles coupons and the $10 Catalina coupon from the previous transaction.

Total: $15.84 + $10 Catalina coupon good off next shopping order

72-Hour Food - Sample Child Menu

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Here's a sample menu for 72-hour food for a younger child:

Day 1
Breakfast: FiberOne toaster pastries (380 cal)
Lunch: fruit gelatin (70 cal), Chef Boyardee mac n' cheese (190 cal)
Dinner: Graduates meal (140 cal), granola bar (100 cal)
Snacks: fruit rollup (50 cal), fruit snacks (80 cal), peanut butter crackers (190 cal), yogurt raisins (120 cal), UHT chocolate milk (180 cal)

Total calories for day: 1500
Total weight: 2 lb 9 oz

Day 2
Breakfast: Milk N' Cereal bar (160 cal), diced peaches (80 cal)
Lunch: Spaghetti-Os (150 cal), applesauce (80 cal)
Dinner: Ronzoni Bistro pasta (260 cal), granola bar (100 cal)
Snacks: fruit rollup (50 cal), fruit snacks (80 cal), animal crackers (120 cal), peanut butter crackers (190 cal), UHT chocolate milk (180 cal)

Total calories for day: 1550
Total weight: 2 lb 13 oz

Day 3
Breakfast: PopTarts (420 cal)
Lunch: Graduates meal (110 cal), fruit cup (43 cal)
Dinner: Chef Boyardee ravioli (240 cal), granola bar (100 cal)
Snacks: fruit rollup (50 cal), fruit snacks (80 cal), peanut butter crackers (190 cal), raisins (120 cal), UHT chocolate milk (180 cal)

Total calories for day: 1530
Total weight: 2 lb 9 oz

I tried to go with smaller meals and more snacks for younger kids, since they often prefer to "graze" throughout the day or in between meals.

Here are the adult sample menus for 72-hour kit food:
Adult sample menu 1
Adult sample menu 2

72-Hour Food - Sample Adult Menu #2

I really meant to get these additional sample menus up awhile ago, but then we got sick. So I apologize for the delay. Anyway, here's an additional sample menu of meals for 72-hour food for an adult:

Day 1
Breakfast: FiberOne toaster pastries (380 cal), 2 fruit strips (90)
Lunch: Lunch On The Run tuna salad kit (510 cal)
Dinner: Ronzoni Bistro pasta (260 cal), trail mix (280 cal), pudding (120 cal)
Snacks: peanut butter crackers (180 cal), PowerBar (220 cal)

Total calories for day: 2040
Total weight: 1 lb 15 oz

Day 2
Breakfast: Breakfast trail mix (240 cal), mountain trail mix (280 cal)
Lunch: Jif To Go peanut butter (390 cal), crackers (100 cal)
Dinner: Baked beans (250 cal), fruit cup (80 cal), granola bar (100 cal), pudding (120 cal)
Snacks: peanut butter crackers (180 cal), 2 fruit strips (90 cal), yogurt raisins (120 cal), granola bar (100 cal)

Total calories for day: 2050
Total weight: 1 lb 14 oz

Day 3
Breakfast: FiberOne toaster pastries (380 cal), 2 fruit strips (90 cal)
Lunch: Lunch On The Run tuna salad kit (510 cal)
Dinner: Ronzoni Bistro pasta (210 cal), trail mix (280 cal), granola bar (100 cal)
Snacks: peanut butter crackers (180 cal), Planter's Big Nut bar (220 cal), yogurt raisins (120 cal)

Total calories for day: 2090
Total weight: 1 lb 14 oz

Reminder - Wheat on Sale at Maceys

Just a reminder that Maceys has 45lb buckets of wheat (hard red or hard white) on sale through Tuesday for $16.99 (it said 18.99 in the list, but the West Jordan Maceys has them marked at 16.99). That's two dollars less than the last sale just 10 weeks ago, and its a very good price. The buckets are sealed and the wheat has a shelf life of 30+ years.

Coupon Preview 6/14

Friday, June 12, 2009
Here is a LINK to the coupon preview for June 14th from TaylorTown Preview.

So far it looks like there will be only one insert.

Week 12 Assignment - Portable Radio

Your assignment this week is to include a portable radio in your 72-hour kits.

You can go as cheap or as expensive as you'd like, but keep in mind size and weight. There are battery-powered options and also hand-crank options. It could even be something as simple as a really old "Walkman" type radio with earphones.

Here's one that my sister gave to us for Christmas last year:

It is a hand-crank flashlight/radio combo. It is incredibly light and made of plastic. It uses 3 LED bulbs. It only does one band of radio (FM) though, and there is no dial - it just scans through any available stations.

I did see some similar options like this available at Walmart last week back with the flashlights in the Sporting Goods area. I didn't look very closely at the prices though.

If there is more than one adult in your family, you may want to keep a radio in each adult's kit. Or if you have older children, you could include one in their kits as well, for them to listen to for entertainment/distraction/passing the time/etc.

Food Storage Seminar with Wendy DeWitt

Thursday, June 11, 2009
These are a series YouTube videos of a great food storage seminar given by Wendy DeWitt.

Part 1 "Top 10 Reasons I Don't Have Food Storage"
Part 2 "The System"
Part 3 "Worst Case Scenario"
Part 4 "Equivalency Page"
Part 5 "Where to Store it All"
Part 6 "Canning Meats"
Part 7 "Solar Oven Cooking"
Part 8 "The FoodSaver"
Part 9 "Questions & Answers"

Wendy has put all of this information into a blog post, HERE.

What I'm Buying - Maceys 6/11

I made it to Maceys this morning to grab a few things, but it was not an easy feat. I just didn't have the energy to tackle the big sale at Albertsons. I've heard there will be doubles coupons again in Sunday's paper, so I'll catch the sale on Monday of next week. Since that will leave me with my full grocery budget this week, and since I don't need much in the way of regular groceries, I decided to grab some things for my long-term food storage.

Here's what I got:

(24) cans Western Family Cream of Chicken soup, on sale .50 each ($12.00 for the case)
(4) cans Western Family Great Northern Beans, on sale .79 each
(4) cans Western Family Black Beans, on sale .79 each
(1) 5-lb bottle of clover honey, on sale 12.99
(1) 16oz container sour cream (going to try freezing this), on sale .99
(1) gallon whole milk, 2.29 (EGADS!!! But I didn't want to have to go to a separate store just for cheaper milk)
(1) bunch bananas, .69/lb
(1) bunch broccoli, .79/lb
(1) head cauliflower, .79/lb
(2) 45-lb buckets hard white winter wheat, on sale 16.99 each

No coupons used.

Total: $76.23

"Holy Cow!" Sale at Albertsons - 6/10

Tuesday, June 9, 2009
The list for Albertsons' upcoming sale has left me speechless - I'm dizzy just looking at all of the red stars! Holy cow - what a sale!!!

I just wanted to post that I (probably) won't be doing my normal Wednesday morning Albertsons run tomorrow - I'm still really sick and I'm (probably) going to sit this one out for a few days. I'll try to get out later in the week.

For eveyone else who is healthy (and not battling their family's third round of flu in two months) it's a great week to stock up on lots of great stuff for your food storage and save money doing it!

Frozen Berries and Freezer Jam Truckload Sale

The West Jordan Maceys is having an Oregon Frozen Berries and Freezer Jams Truckload Sale!

Preorders have to be submitted by June 20th. Delivery will be in July sometime.

These are bulk orders. If you are interested in possibly splitting some items with others, leave a comment in the comments section.

Here are the prices:

Berry Purees, 14lb. buckets
Marion Blackberries, $37.00
Red Raspberries, $49.00
Boysenberries, $37.00
Strawberries, $37.00
Loganberries, $37.00

Freezer Jams - Blackberry, Raspberry, Boysenberry, Blueberry, Strawberry and Loganberry
Case Pack - 12 1lb containers of the same variety freezer jam, $38.00
Gift Pack - 6 10oz containers, one each variety, $21.00

Individually Quick Frozen Fruit
Marion Blackberries, 14lb box $37.00
Red Rasberries, 14lb box $49.00
Boysenberries, 14lb box $37.00
Blueberries, 14lb box $39.00
Strawberries (sliced, with sugar), 14lb bucket $31.00
Strawberries (whole, no sugar), 14lb box $37.00
Loganberries, 14lb box $37.00
Red Pie Cherries, 14lb box $37.00
Dark Sweet Cherries, 14lb box $39.00
Peaches (sliced), 14lb box $37.00
Apricot halves, 14lb box $37.00
Apples (peeled and sliced), 14lb box $31.00
Red Rhubarb (half inch slices), 14lb box $31.00

I have no idea if these are great prices or not...but I thought I would pass on the info.

General Mills Promo at Albertsons 6/10

Monday, June 8, 2009
There will be a great General Mills promotion at Albertsons this next week (starting Wednesday, June 10). It is a Catalina coupon deal. I just want to remind those of you using the GrocerySmarts or PinchingYourPennies lists that the amount listed for items in the right-hand column is NOT what you will actually pay for the item at the register, so plan accordingly.

On sales where there is a "Buy $XX amount and get $YY amount off your next shopping order", the amount of the Catalina coupon has been factored into that right-hand column price. But that's not what you'll actually pay for the item at checkout. You don't actually get the coupon until AFTER you've paid for the items, and you have to use it on other groceries (not the ones you just bought).

For example, in the upcoming list, All Small & Mighty 3X is listed with a price of "4.50/2.70" in the first price column, and then with a coupon for $1/2, the second price column lists "2.20".

The "4.50" is the shelf price on sale, the "2.70" is reflecting a 40% discount from the Catalina coupon ($10 back on $25 is essentially a 40% discount), and the "2.20" is the price after the discount PLUS whatever is taken off with a coupon.

But you're not going to pay $2.20 for the All at the register. You will actually pay $4.00 (it's on sale for $4.50, minus the $.50 from the coupon). If you purchase $25-worth of participating products, you will get a $10 coupon good on your next shopping trip.

They factor that Catalina coupon back into the product price in order to determine if it is a good deal or not, but it's not reflective of what you will actually pay at the register. I know these are trickier sales than the "Buy $XX get $YY instant savings", so I just wanted you to keep this in mind when planning your grocery list.

On Catalina coupon deals, in order to maximize your savings, stay as close to the $25 as possible, and if you're doing more than that, break it into groups of $25 and do separate transactions.

Now, if you do multiple transactions of groups of $25-worth of participating products, you CAN use the $10 Catalina coupon from the first group towards a second transaction, in which case you WILL actually only pay the right-hand column price. Have I confused you enough yet? :)

Albertsons Doubles Coupons - 6/7

Sunday, June 7, 2009
There are more doubles coupons in this Sunday's (and Sunday Preview) papers. Here is a LINK to the list of doubles "deals", brought to you by the awesome people at PinchingYourPennies.com.

Coupon Preview List 6/7

Friday, June 5, 2009
Here is a LINK to the preview list for this Sunday's paper at Taylortown Previews. Note the $1 off Kellogg's cereals... :)

Week 11 Assignment - Flashlights

Your assignment this week is to add a flashlight (and extra batteries, if you go with a battery-powered type) to each of your 72-hour kits. You might also want to consider putting light sticks (glow sticks) in your kits as well (especially in kits for younger kids). You can use them as a "people marker" to keep track of kids at night or in the dark, and the kids think they are cool.

I've seen some of the light sticks in individual packages up by the registers at Walmart, for about a dollar. I've seen lots around Halloween time, including the light up bracelets and necklaces (which might be a good idea to keep in packs as well, for locating people at night or in the dark). I think we might see them as we get closer to the Fourth of July, too.

There are so many options for flashlights. I like the newer LED lights, because you don't have to replace a bulb, but they can be expensive if you're having to buy several at once. Maglites are great since they have strong beams even with the smaller models, but again, they can be expensive. I don't know much about the non-battery kind; I really need to get one and try it out.

What I'm Buying - Blue Chip Group 6/4

Thursday, June 4, 2009
So, I finally got a chance to stop by the outlet store for Blue Chip Group today. (They're the company that makes all of the Morning Moo's products you see at Maceys and the new food storage stuff you might have seen at Walmart.) The outlet store is small, but they have a ton of stuff! I was pretty familiar with quite a bit of their stuff since I've seen it at Maceys, but they also had a lot of stuff that I have never seen at Maceys or other stores.

Here's what I picked up to go in my long-term food storage:

(1) can soft white wheat, $8.60
(1) can steel cut oats, $10.14
(1) First Aid in a Bottle kit, on sale $5.99

Total: $25.70

I already have a case of hard red wheat in my storage, and I have three buckets of hard white wheat. I was excited to see the soft wheat because you almost never run across it at regular stores. The difference between hard and soft wheat is basically in its protein content. Soft wheat has a lower protein content than hard, which makes it great for "delicate" applications, like cakes, pastries, cookies and biscuits. (You'll see bleached soft wheat flour in the stores labeled as "cake flour" or "pastry flour".) I only got one can because it is something I have not worked with before, and this is basically a test can.

I was even more excited to see the steel cut oats! I really have never been an oatmeal fan. I like using regular and quick oats for granola bars, and cookies, and crumb toppings on apple and peach pies, but I just don't really enjoy the taste of it as regular oatmeal. The texture is too mushy for me. But steel-cut oats are a totally different story! These can be kindof expensive in the stores, not to mention hard to find. I will test these out and probably go back for a few more cans to add to our long-term storage.

And I know I already told you about my first-aid kit collection - I just couldn't pass this one up! I think it would make a great addition to a 72-hour kit or even work well as a gift. Contents include:
  • 32oz bottle
  • 1 carabiner
  • 1 First aid and CPR guide
  • 1 scissors
  • 1 tweezers
  • 1 triangular bandage
  • 10 3" x 3/4" bandages
  • 10 small bandages
  • 2 fabric knuckle bandages
  • 2 elbow/knee bandages
  • 2 3" x 3" sterile gauze pads
  • 2 2" x 2" sterile gauze pads
  • 1 1/2" x 2-1/2 yd adhesive tape
  • 6 antiseptic towelettes
  • 6 alcohol pads
  • 6 wash up towelettes
  • 3 sting relief pads
  • 1 emergency whistle
  • 1 tissue pack
  • 1 8" x 10" re-usable zip lock bag

What I like about this is that it is compact and all supplies are in a naturally water-proof container. And even the container has a use, too. It's smaller and more compact than some of the hard-size cases I have seen at the store. There is still room inside to include additional items to meet your individual needs. This would be great to keep in the trunk of a car, too (or even under a seat).

What I'm Buying - Albertsons 6/3

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's that time of the week again! Here's what I got at Albertsons today:

(2) Ritz crackers
(2) Wheat Thins crackers
(2) Kraft BBQ sauce
(2) Grey Poupon mustard
(3) Jell-O puddings
(3) Jell-O gelatins
(2) Planters Big Nut bars
(2) Kraft 2% Natural Cheese
(2) DiGiorno flatbread melts
(13) Lunchables
(1) bag green grapes
(2) bags red grapes
(2) Quaker Oatmeal pancake mix (on sale 1.99 - it's not on the lists)

I got a total of $50 worth of Kraft items, so I qualified for $15 instant savings (only $12 came off automatically - they had to refund me the other $3 after I got out to my car and saw that it had not taken off). I used (2) 1.00/1 coupons for the Ritz crackers, (2) free coupons for the Wheat Thins (free when you buy Ritz crackers), (2) 1.00/1 coupons for the mustard, (2) 1.00/3 coupons for the Jell-O's, (2) 1.00/1 coupons for the nut bars, (2) 1.00/1 coupons for the cheese, (2) 1.50/1 coupons for the flatbread melts, and (1) 2.00/1 coupon for the pancake mix. The register would not take my second 2.00 coupon for the pancake mix because it would have been for more than the mix cost (overage - sometimes it makes the regitser beep, sometimes it doesn't).

Total: $20.86

I did a second transaction that included:

(2) Ritz crackers
(2) Wheat Thins crackers
(1) Kraft BBQ sauce
(1) Planters Big Nut bars
(1) Lunchable
(1) Oscar Mayer deli meat
(1) Oscar Mayer Deli Creations sandwich

I used (2) 1.00/1 coupons for the Ritz, (2) free coupons for the Wheat Thins, (1) 1.00/1 coupon for the bbq sauce, (1) 1.00/1 coupon for the nut bars, (1) .75/1 coupon for the deli meat and (1) 1.00/1 coupon (was a peelie on the deli meat) on the deli creations sandwich.

I should have gotten $6 off from the Kraft promo, but as I just looked at my receipt, there is only $3. So, I may head back to the store later this afternoon to ask them about the discrepancy.

Total: $7.09 (should have been around $4)

SO - for those of you heading to the store today to do the Kraft promo, watch your instant savings. It looks like there are still some things from the ad that have not been entered correctly in the computer to trigger the $3 savings. They will probably all be worked out by this afternoon, but just keep an eye out for it. I had problems on both of my transactions this morning.

What I'm Buying - Maceys 6/3

Here was my trip to Maceys today:

(2) cantaloupes, on sale .29/lb
(10) roma tomatoes, on sale .79/lb
(1) package Don Julio flour tortillas, on sale 1.25
(1) bunch bananas, on sale .69/lb (didn't want to go to another store just for bananas)
(8) containers raspberries, on sale 1.50 each (gonna try freezer jam)
(1) beef london broil, on sale 1.79/lb
(1) beef top round roast, on sale 1.79/lb
(1) pk pork picnic roast, on sale .79/lb
(1) pk pork sirloin chops, on sale 1.49/lb

No coupons on this trip.

Total: $33.65

What I'm Buying - Albertsons 6/2

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So, I was watching an episode of Alton Brown's "Good Eats" last night and he was making Pork Wellington, and it looked SOOO good...and I remembered that Caralee had told me about a great deal she found at Albertsons on pork tenderloin with a coupon that wasn't on the list. So I figured I would try out the Pork Wellington for dinner with some cheap pork tenderloin from Albertsons.

Here's what I got on my trip:

(2) TreeTop juice
(3) Hormel pork tenderloin (ended up being nearly 10 pounds total)
(1) package prosciutto (no coupon)
(1) whole grain mustard (no coupon - even worse, I came home and found that Grey Poupon mustard was on sale with coupon for .75 today!!!)
(1) package puff pastry (no coupon)

I had a 1.00/2 coupon for the apple juice, and three 1.00/1 coupons for the pork tenderloin, which I doubled using doubles coupons.

Total: $28.36 (It says I saved $39.75)

The Pork Wellington was amazing - LOVED IT! And it was really easy. So I guess in the end it was worth buying a few things full price... :) Oh, and I got to use some food storage stuff in the recipe (dried apples).

More Doubles Coupons

There will be more doubles coupons in the Albertsons sales ad this week, so watch for it in your mailbox!

HERE is the list of possible deals, thanks very much to the hard work of Michellyn at PinchingYourPennies.com.