Week 10 Assignment - Spare Clothes

Friday, May 29, 2009
Okay, this week's assignment is "relatively" easy - you need to gather up one full change of clothes for each member of your family, to go in your 72-hr kits.

Try to aim for the following:
(1) long-sleeve shirt
(1) long pants
(1) undergarments (females include a sports bra)
(2) pair socks (try to get at least one pair wool)
(1) sweatshirt (with hood if possible - but no drawstrings for kids)
(1) pair sturdy shoes (if you have room)

For colder weather, you're going to want a few extras. You can pack them in your 72-hour kit if you have room, or if not, have as many of the items as possible gathered somewhere near your kit so they can be taken along if needed:
(1) winter hat
(1) pair gloves
(1) coat or jacket
(1) scarf

If you don't have extras of these items on hand to go in your 72-hour kits, consider taking a trip to Deseret Industries or Savers or some of the other local thrift stores to find what you need.

We're also going to continue this week with the food items for 72-hour kits. If you didn't get yours finished last week (like I didn't), that's okay, just keep at it!


Caralee said...

My mom always kept sweats in our 72 hour kit. I was thinking though if an emergency happened in the summer that would be pretty uncomfortable clothes to have for your extra clothes. I guess you could cut them off if you had scissors. But if you check your kit at conference time (that would be 2x's a year, like spring/fall cleaning) your could update sizes (if you have growing kids) and type of clothes(warm weather vs. cool weather clothes) for the season coming up. Just a thought...

Candi said...

I figured I would just cut the sweats into shorts and cut long sleeves into short one if it was summer, but you're right, if we check our kits every six months at Conference time, then we could change out the clothes for more seasonal ones without too much trouble. Good idea!