Maceys Emergency Preparedness Sale - June 3-16

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
The West Jordan Maceys is throwing another Emergency Preparedness sale June 3-16!

Here's the list of items and prices.


45lb sealed bucket wheat, white or red, 18.99
empty 5-gal food grade storage buckets, 3.99
55-gal water drum, 39.99
SAF yeast, 16oz, 2.99
lots of powdered items (sour cream, butter, honey, milk, cheese, eggs, etc.)
lots of freeze-dried vegetables
dehydrated vegetables
large buckets of beans, dent corn, cornmeal, etc.

My little blurb: If you have not tried powdered eggs, now is the time to pick up a can! I love these things! They are so easy to use in recipes and are great for food storage. A 36oz can of powdered whole eggs is 18.99. They taste good, and are a great way to have eggs in your food storage without worrying about refrigeration. They are very easy to rotate since you can use the powdered eggs in just about anything you would use normal eggs in.


Tina said...

Have you tried any of the other powdered products or freeze dried items? Can you use them just like the regular version? Also, once you open a big can do you have to use it or is there an easy way to reseal it? Sorry, one more question. Do you know how these prices compare with the church. Thanks for all you do.

Candi said...

I have tried several of the them - I have a can of powdered whole eggs open right now, and really like using them. My can has been open for about 3 months now, I think. I just keep the plastic lid on the can and keep it in my pantry. I have used them in place of regular eggs in lots of different recipes without any problems. Crystal at has some fabulous recipes using powdered eggs, and that's how I first learned to use them. Now, I just toss them in anything I make that calls for eggs.

I have a can of the powdered egg mix, but have not opened it yet. I think it's mostly for scambled eggs.

I have a can of the dehydrated red and green peppers open and have used them in a couple soups. They have a milder taste than the fresh version, and since my family doesn't really like spicy stuff, these are good alternative for us (plus, since I don't use peppers very often, I don't keep the fresh ones around, so these work great in a pinch).

Other cans I have downstairs are Country Fresh milk, Morning Moos milk alternative, a new powdered soy milk mix, freeze-dried peas, powdered honey and I think freeze-dried corn. Oh, and I have cheese powder, too. I think there are banana slices and a dehydrated strawberries as well (my list is downstairs, so I'm trying to go by memory)...

For the most part, the powdered stuff and freeze-dried stuff can be used in almost all the same recipes as you would use the "normal" version in. In fact, this is a superb way to rotate your food storage! Most of the pre-packaged stuff you buy at the store (like cake mixes, pancake mixes, mac n cheese, boxed dinner kits, etc.) uses these items - that's how they're able to make it so all you have to do is add water/oil, etc. I bought a book that has recipes for a lot of these types of pre-made mixes that you can make at home yourself and keep in your pantry, I just haven't gotten around to trying any yet...

As far as prices go, they vary. Much of the stuff that Blue Chip offers is not available through the Church's Home Storage Centers (powdered eggs, cheese, the freeze-dried veggies, etc.), so there isn't a direct comparison. I'll put up a post with the latest Home Storage price list and a few comparisons on prices for those things where there is a direct comparison.

Caralee said...

Great post! I have a question about the eggs, powdered honey and cheese. Do the eggs have a different taste to them at all? My mom has powdered eggs and I have used them but I can always taste it in the recipes, even if it is cookies or pancakes etc. So I was just wondering if you could taste the kind you have and what brand you use.

About the honey, do you know what are the pros and cons of regular honey vs. powdered honey and is the nutritional values the same? I know regular honey holds its nutrition really well but it crystallizes and it makes it hard to use after it has been stored for a while.

Have you used the powdered cheese and do you like it, and what kind of things do you use it in? I've never really tried powdered anything except milk and the re-fried beans and potato pearls from the cannery.

Thanks for all the info, your a great help!

Candi said...

I am using the Morning Moo's Dried Egg Product Whole Eggs. The ingredients list is: 100% pasturized whole egg solids. There are no preservatives. I cannot tell the difference in any recipes, but then again my taste buds were all killed off long ago from all the spicy stuff I ate on my mission...ha ha ha!

I know there are a couple other powdered egg products out there, but I don't have any info on them. Do you know what kind of powdered eggs your mom uses?

I don't know about the powdered honey - I'll do some research.

I have not opened the powdered cheese yet - I was thinking I could use it to make cheese sauce to go over veggies, or for things like mac 'n cheese (since most of the store varieties use powdered cheese anyway). I'll have to do more research on this one, too.