Week 4 Assignment

Friday, April 17, 2009
Your assignment this week is four-fold:

1) Complete the poll questions (there are 4 - make sure to scroll down) located on the right-hand side of this blog (under the "Welcome" information). Answers are completely anonymous, and I have no way of knowing who votes, or what you voted, so please vote - this feedback from you is very important!

2) Leave a comment (in the comments for THIS post) letting me know if you would like to work on:

  1. 72-hr kits first, then move on to 3-mth food storage; OR
  2. both 72-hr kits and food storage concurrently, with one assignment in each topic each week.
You can leave an anonymous comment, and no one (me included) will know who posts what (unless you want them to). PLEASE, please, PLEASE let me know what you would prefer (and any other suggestions you may have)!

3) Review your household budget and commit to an amount of money that you will set aside each and every week to go towards emergency preparedness/food storage items. It doesn't have to be a lot - just a few dollars a week can do wonders. I'm committed to coming up with ways that we can make preparedness and food storage affordable for EVERYONE - because ANY amount of preparation or storage is better than none at all! The Lord knows our individual circumstances, and He does not expect us to do more than we are able or more than we have the space or financial means to accomplish. I know that if we do our best, and do what we can, then He will bless our efforts and He will make up for the rest. But we've got to be committed to doing our part. Set your emergency preparedness/food storage budget and then commit to stick to it! If you do not use all of your budget one week, you will roll the leftover into the next week's budget.

4) Acquire for each member of your family by next Friday: a backpack, small suitcase, briefcase, small plastic tote, 5-gal plastic bucket, shoulder bag, fabric shopping bag or even a brown paper sack or cardboard box that you can use for a 72-hr kit. I will post more details about possible choices and best options throughout the week.


Anonymous said...

Just completing my own assignment here. :)

Please, please, please let me know your comments and suggestions for this site. The purpose of this site is to help - and if the info here is not what you want to see, then it's not helping. So I need to know what kind of info you want to see.

Do you want very specific assignment details (like we did with the suggested plan for water storage)? Or do you want more general assignments? Do you want to see more grocery deals? Do you want to see recipes that use food storage? Do you think I'm completely nuts? :)

Anonymous said...

First of all, Candi, you are awesome. You have gone above and beyond. I am so glad someone like you is willing to do all the leg work on helping everyone to be prepared. Personally I would like to work on 72 hr kit stuff and long term food storage. I would love information on getting stuff from the cannery or maybe the chance to package items myself so they will last. I am also interested in knowing how to use the long term storage. I don't know if anyone else is interested in learning more about growing our own vegetables especially in small spaces and maybe in the summer to have another canning class like we had a few years ago.

Mi Yon said...

You're doing a fabulous job. I love everything you've done so far. My only problem is with trying to keep up with the weekly assignments, but I am getting them done. I really like the pictures and the deals you share because I try and duplicate your purchases based on what my family would use. I can see the value of having multiple coupons to use, too. Thank you! The only reason I don't always leave a comment is because I'm usually in a hurray and can't get my sign on to work. You're doing a fabulous job!

kare said...

I actually have found your site very user friendly and very helpful. I too have been duplicating what you buy. But more importantly, I use the grocery smarts.com stock up scale. I have already bought a lot of different things for our food storage. I can't believe how fast it stocks up for just starting. I did have a few things before, but now, I am less fearful. You have been a lifesaver!!! I really appreciate your information and helpful lists. I NEVER would have been this far without YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!

Mary said...

Candi - I love your site! I have really enjoyed your specific details on water storage and shopping with coupons. I would love to know when to buy the Sunday paper (when there are good coupons), and how to use them. I am also doing the 'babysteps' from foodstoragemadeeasy.net, and have just finished my 72 hour food kits, which I am very excited about. Sometimes it is hard to complete an entire task in 1 week because of cost. For example, 14 day water supply for family of 6, or on the 'babysteps' two car kits (I'm trying to find a good deal, I know I should just buy them) I love your encouragement to just start, even if we feel it is insignificant. I think it is a great idea to organize the website according to subject (weekly assignments, 72 hour kits, food storage, grocery shopping, etc) I don't mind reading all of your fun posts, but when I go back to find something - such as how much water I need per family member, it would be easier to find. Thanks again - this site is very helpful!!!

The Gooch Fam said...

You are so awesome Candi! I would love to have a 72 hour kit for each of our kids and a year supply in six months. I have the backpack for 3 of us but don't quite know what to put in them still. I also would love to know how to keep water and store it properly. Thanks so much for everything so far. I can see that I'm on my way.

Mi Yon said...

I saw in Harmon's ad 5 gallon water containers for $4.99(I think it was this week. I looked at it at Discount Tires while I was waiting.) I already purchased the water containers from Walmart but saw this and wondered if this would work just as well. It's 1/2 the cost of Walmart's. What do you think?