Week 2 Assignment

Friday, April 3, 2009
General Conference is here once again! I know many people have special "general conference" traditions in their families - whether it is special meal, or activity, or special FHE lesson, or a mission reunion, etc. Let's add one more!

Your assignment for this conference weekend has two parts.

The first is: Sometime this weekend, change the batteries in all of the smoke detectors in your home! (Using those batteries you bought this week from Assignment 1.)

Make this a new conference tradition. You should change the batteries in your smoke detectors every 6 months, and since conference comes around every six months, just like clockwork, why not do one with the other? Makes it much easier to remember when to change those batteries!

Now for the second part: Time to take stock! I want you to gather a notebook and pen, and take time this weekend (and during this next week if needed) to write down all of the emergency supplies you have currently and take an inventory of any and all food storage you may have. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, be you do need to have an idea of what you've got.

Here are some things to evaluate:
Do you have 72-hr kits for each member of the family?
If so, what is included in each?
If you have 72-hr food kits, how old is the food and when was the last time it was rotated out?
Do you have food storage? List all items and their purchase dates and/or expiration dates (if available). Include food from your freezer(s) and kitchen pantry as well.
Do you have stored water, and if so, how much?

Also evaluate items you may have around your home that could be used for 72-hr kits (like extra backpacks, toothbrushes, canned food items, bottled water, etc.) even though you may not have it all gathered and packaged in a kit yet. Do you have extra first-aid supplies you could gather into a ziploc baggie for a first-aid kit in one of your 72-hr bags? Do you have some miscellaneous small sewing supplies you could make a sewing kit out of, or maybe little sewing kits or other toiletries from a recent hotel stay you could use?

If you don't have any of those things, don't panic just yet. That's what this blog is for - to help you acquire those things over time and in easy-to-do steps. We'll get there eventually, but first we need to know what we're starting with. Once you're done with your list, put it in a safe place because we'll be referring back to it in upcoming assignments.


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