This Week in Groceries

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
I'm going to try to post the best of the grocery deals each week for you to look through. I will limit these to "food storage" type items (easily stored, decent shelf life) that are on sale for a good price WITHOUT coupons (except for maybe an in-ad coupon, which you can always pick up at the front of the store as you go in). Don't feel like you have to buy all of them, or even any of them. I'd like to add more comprehensive shopping lists as we get further along in our preparations, but until then, I want to at least post these deals so you won't miss out.

Ads run Sunday through Saturday for:
Walmart, Target, ShopKo, Walgreens, RiteAid, Associated Foods Stores (except Maceys)

Ads run Monday through Sunday for:

Ads run Wednesday through Tuesday for:
Albertsons, Smiths, Maceys